Predict. Optimize.

Driving shared mobility performance.

Increasing utilization.



Improve Performance.


Zoba's bleeding-edge models seamlessly integrate into your operational workflow via API to inform vital decisions, making your riders happier and driving revenues higher.

Demand Forecasting

Know the future.

Know what the demand will be for any mobility service at a city block level. Use future weather and events to understand where and when your customers will want to use your service in seconds. 

Fleet Optimization

Rebalance intelligently.

Place vehicles so that they are ridden more over a specified time period. Let your customers naturally rebalance your vehicles throughout the day. Optimize fleets of thousands with a simple API call.

Dynamic Pricing

Shape your markets.

Price and discount rides to best capture customer willingness to pay and to incentivize your riders to move your vehicles to charge or higher demand areas. 



Solutions for any fleet. 

We work with all vehicle types and business models, anywhere in the world. 



Bike and scooter companies use Zoba to understand demand and rebalance fleets, putting their vehicles where riders want them before their competitors can.


Car Sharing

Car sharing services use Zoba to optimize zones, optimize supply, and intelligently price their services to increase their efficiency and improve the bottom line.


Autonomous Services

Autonomous vehicle companies use Zoba to intelligently stage unoccupied vehicles to be most proximal to impending demand, improving time to pick up. 


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See for yourself.

We provide a demand estimate and optimization for any market, free of charge.