We predict human behavior in cities 

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Zoba uses artificial intelligence to help leaders of organizations make crucial decisions about location.
— Mark Cuban

about us

Zoba uses machine learning to predict human behavior in cities. We help organizations make decisions about risk, locational strategy, and resource allocation.

Our artificial intelligence-powered technology examines the relationship between geospatial variables and a variety of events to predict outcomes crucial to our clients. Our clients are governments and businesses working to protect their people, improve their bottom line, and make the world safer. 

We are a team of veterans, researchers, data scientists and computer scientists. We are building the next generation of geospatial analytics. 

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Zoba can predict physical risk anywhere in the world at a city-block level. These predictions are used by insurance companies to price premiums in emerging markets and by loss prevention professionals to better allocate security resources.

Public health

Zoba can help governments and nonprofits understand where health emergencies will happen inside of cities. Understanding where events like opioid overdoses will happen can help governments forward place life-saving resources.

Location Intelligence

Zoba can predict potential revenue, enrollment, or other metrics that are crucial to your company. This information informs companies' decisions on strategy and site selection.