We Predict Human Behavior in Cities

we predict human behavior in cities.

Artificial Intelligence. Mapped.


The next generation of geospatial analytics.

Understanding cities. Driving better decisions.

Zoba uses artificial intelligence and a data-driven understanding of how cities work to predict where and when things will happen. Zoba can be used to predict everything from demand for a product to health emergencies.


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We use machine learning to combine our proprietary contextual data with our customers' spatial data to make predictions and drive decision-making. No matter their industry, our customers all have one thing in common — they are sitting on powerful data that isn't being maximized. That's where we come in.


Zoba uses artificial intelligence to help leaders of organizations make crucial decisions about location
— Mark Cuban




Location Strategy

Trying to make a location-based decision for your business? We help you make smarter decisions by understanding how environments impact your business's success.                                                                                                                                            


Insurance and Risk

We predict where claims will be made in markets around the world. We also analyze past security incidents to predict where they will happen in the future, helping you keep your employees safe. 



Managing a large numbers of bikes, scooters, or autonomous vehicles? We predict demand down to a city block level based on factors such as weather, location, and population movement. 



Cities and Public Health

Cities are collecting more spatial data than ever before. We help city governments serve their constituents more proactively by predicting demand for services, optimizing resource allocation, and predicting health emergencies. 


Connected Devices

Need help deciding where to place sensors or want to cover more area using what you already have? We take data from a limited number of sensors and scale it to predict output across an entire city.                                                                                                             



Do you collect data about events that have locations and time stamps? Would you benefit from knowing where and when those events will happen in the future? We can build a system to predict that for you. 



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