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Dan was a Marine officer working in Iraq, where he was responsible for protecting diplomats at the U.S. Embassy. He tracked events happening in Baghdad and recognized he could be infinitely more effective if he had the tools to anticipate when and where these events might occur. When he left the Marines and enrolled in graduate school at Harvard, Dan linked up with his brother, Joseph, and friend, James, to build the technology he had needed back in Baghdad. As the team grew, it became apparent that Zoba's technology could applied to much more than security events.

Based out of the Harvard Innovation Labs and MassChallenge in Boston, Zoba is building a platform that allows organizations to understand why events that matter to them occur when and where they do. By quantifying how cities work, then combining that with companies’ spatial data using machine learning, we can make predictions about when and where you will see events happen in the future—even in entirely new markets. 

Led by veterans, conceived by Harvard computer scientists, and built by MIT data scientists, our technology will change how we understand cities and make decisions in them. If you have ever asked yourself where something is going to happen in a city, we are building the answer.

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