How our seed round will help us define the future of spatial analytics

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At Zoba, we are building the next generation of spatial analytics that will improve the efficiency of cities and the lives of the people living in them.

Our team is focused on increasing the adoption of shared mobility in cities by working with companies to predict demand for their services. With our data science platform, companies analyze the relationship between demand and environmental data like weather and city layout, then optimize the placement of vehicles in real-time, increasing adoption and customer satisfaction. We are working with industry-leading bike, scooter and car share companies, in the U.S. and abroad, to help them further the goal of building more livable cities. In the future, our goal is to use our platform to tackle numerous other challenges facing companies, cities and urban populations around the world, including issues in urban logistics and public health.

Today we are thrilled to announce we have raised a $3M seed round led by CRV with participation from Founder Collective, Kaggle’s Anthony Goldbloom, Matt Brezina, and one of our earliest investors, Mark Cuban. As part of the investment, CRV’s Izhar Armony will join our board. We are humbled to be backed by such a strong team of entrepreneurs who have an incredible breadth of expertise. With their help, we will fundamentally change the way organizations make decisions about ‘when and where’.

“The world is experiencing a Cambrian explosion of smart mobility and logistics services, all requiring geo-based forecasting and optimization. We knew after meeting with the Zoba founders that they’re the best team to tackle this hard problem. What they’re doing will change the way we live and we’re excited for what’s to come.” — Izhar Armony, General Partner at CRV

The funding will be used to further expand our operations and platform, as well as grow our team here in Boston. If you are interested in learning more about Zoba or joining our team, reach out through our site:

As always, we are also grateful to our friends, family, and supporters for their encouragement and guidance.


Dan, Joseph and the Zoba Team