Car Sharing.

Become a legitimate replacement to car ownership.

Car sharing companies (both free-floating and round-trip) use Zoba to predict the demand for their services, then use various optimization tools, including price optimization and rebalancing recommendations, to increase the utilization of their vehicles. 


Let your customers rebalance for you.

It is often costly to maintain high utilization levels for free-floating car shares. Often, users will pick up vehicles in high demand areas and drop them in low demand areas, such as the outskirts of a city. If the demand patterns in a city don't naturally move vehicles back towards high demand areas, much of a company's fleet may remain under-utilized.

With Zoba, car shares can know exactly where to move a given vehicle to ensure higher usage. Better use, the Zoba API can automatically discount vehicles unlikely to get a ride, turning users into rebalancers. Cars are costly assets. Using Zoba maximizes your return on investment.


Place better stations and be ready for the weekend.

To be successful, round-trip car shares must make bets on station locations. Betting wrong can cost an operator untold amounts in lost revenue. Round-trip car shares use Zoba to understand the distribution of their demand in cities in a way that allows them to make confident decisions on where their stations should be.

It's also important for round-trip car shares to flex their service to meet the different spatiotemporal demand requirements of weekends vs. weekdays. Car sharing companies use Zoba to intelligently rebalance the least amount of vehicles necessary to make their fleets appealing to both weekenders and weekday business crowds. Also, awesome graphic on this one.