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Automate operational decisions

Zoba Move provides easy-to-follow lists of operational tasks. Move ingests your event and market data and uses it to optimize your fleets for greater ridership, lower operational costs, and a smoother relationship with city governments. No more relying on intuition for vehicle placement or learning how to manage swappable batteries on the fly: Move can help.


Move’s task recommendations are backed by Zoba’s models that forecast demand. With gains in ridership as high as 50% and convenient, repeatable operations, Move is a powerful tool to scale your fleets.

Batch and sequence tasks

Move’s task recommendations are batched by van and sequenced for an easy-to-execute tour around the city. Our task lists respect capacities for vehicles and batteries, and include your dropoff, pickup, and battery swap tasks. When efficient, Move will combine tasks, saving your teams time and reducing vehicle miles traveled.

Integrate with your operational tooling

Zoba Move runs on your data, which is easy to integrate via MDS, GBFS, or a direct database integration. Zoba’s APIs and web tools empower your teams to manage their fleets every day while providing reporting on operational performance. Zoba’s results can be used as-is or integrated directly into your operational app, either as pins on a map or as a sequenced task list.

Market Manager Task List

Regulatory Requests

Battery Level

Historical Ridership



Time of Day

Day of Week

Demand Hotspots

Number of Vehicles

Van Size

Zoba Move

Easy-to-follow lists of operational tasks like dropoffs, swaps, and rebalances. 

Zoba calculates

Actual inputs

Set up beforehand

Shape user behavior with ride prices

Zoba Price produces recommendations for vehicles to discount. The same demand models that power Move power Price: discount recommendations are based on demand, where the vehicle will likely end up after a ride, and battery level.

Users see discounted vehicles in your rider app and the vehicle re-enters circulation.

Especially powerful for heavier vehicles

While Zoba Price works for any shared mobility fleet, Zoba Price is especially effective for heavier vehicles like mopeds and cars, since they are more expensive to move. Zoba Price incentivizes your users to move the vehicles that help fleet performance.

Zoba Price

A simulated fleet showing dynamic pricing over a 24-hour period. Blue dots are the live fleet; green dots are vehicles recommended for discount.

Dynamic discounts to induce rides.



Event data

Deployment volumes


Task list

Maximize Your Fleet with Zoba

Dynamic discounts

  • Number of vehicles

  • Discount level

  • API for integration into rider app


  • Dropoffs

  • Battery swaps

  • Rebalance pickups


  • Batching

  • Sequencing


  • Visualize operations with maps

  • Forecast demand

  • Understand the impact of weather

  • Measure team adherence to recommendations

  • Integrate our APIs into your operational tools

Zoba Platform

Zoba’s products use sophisticated mathematical models to estimate demand and predict fleet dynamics. 

Are You Maximizing Your Fleet? 

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