Integrated. Easy.

Always Learning.

We use a stream of your ride data and external datasets to produce real-time demand forecasts, then integrate recommendations into your operations stack.

Calculating decisions in the background.

Our goal is to improve your performance without changing how you do business. We use your existing data and plug into your existing software.

Just flip the switch and increase utilization. It's really that easy.

Scale at will.

Zoba's API can handle millions of events from hundreds of thousands of vehicles—on day one. Deploy models and experiment with optimizations and scale according to your needs.



Event Data

Customer Event Data

We ingest a stream of your historical ride data into our demand models to return the most accurate forecasts at all times.

Zoba Demand Inferencing

Understand historical demand for mobility services. Where would have riders used your vehicles if they had been available anywhere?


Zoba Demand Forecasting

Use temporally variable features to predict when and where you will see demand for periods in the near future.





Customer Operations Systems

We integrate with whatever system you currently use to run your operations. We can scale the complexity of our recommendations to match your software.

Zoba Fleet Optimization

Use techniques like rebalancing and dynamic pricing to move your fleet into a distribution to best capture demand and increase utilization.

The industry's most powerful models. One API call away.

We put the power of complex models into two simple API calls: 

Z.estimate_demand and Z.optimize.

Forecast demand for any time frame with a simple API call.

Demand is the rides that consumers would take in the absence of supply constraints. If there were infinite vehicles available, which ones would they ride and when? By planning operations using demand forecasts, you can ensure that you are maximizing utilization.


We package complex demand models into a few lines of code. Use a simple API call: Z.estimate_demand and specify a timeframe to learn exactly how many rides per hour you can expect on every street corner in any city based on historical demand and temporal features such as seasonality and weather.​


Once computed, results feed into optimization modules or are prepared for visualization.

Optimize thousands of vehicles just as easily.

Optimization allows you to capitalize on your new ability to forecast demand. Zoba hosts specially tuned and powerful optimization solvers to find the mathematically optimal distribution of vehicles, price, and more.


With Z.optimize and a timeframe, we will tell you where your vehicles should be placed so that they don't just get one ride, but ride the waves of demand to capture rides all day. Whether you use stations, drop off points, or an entirely free-floating model, we can recommend a distribution for your fleet that will significantly increase your utilization. Don't want to move physical assets? We offer dynamic discounting and pricing to respond to the demand through user incentives.

See for yourself.

We provide a demand estimate and optimization for any market, free of charge.