Zoba means higher revenue, lower operations costs, and better relationships with cities

 Rebalance + battery swap:

Vehicles that need both a new battery and a new location

Rebalances Vehicles: that will capture more demand if moved

Battery swaps: Vehicles that will capture more rides with a fresh battery

Every market manager has heard the same complaints about micromobility. The vehicles pile up and become sidewalk clutter, operators don’t effectively follow regulations like equity zones, and micromobility fleets don’t provide equitable transit to the entire city. For some market managers, simply ensuring vehicles are compliant with local regulations takes up all of their operational capacity.

Zoba frees up time for more strategic operations. Operators keep their vehicles in circulation, decreasing sidewalk clutter. Zoba’s recommendations to deploy and rebalance vehicles both improve performance and comply with local regulations. Operators that work with Zoba keep city officials happier, build loyal customer bases, and win more permits. 

Be a better partner to cities, win more permits

A fleet of a thousand vehicles can be distributed across a city in an almost infinite number of ways. Zoba tells you how to position your fleet to capture demand and maximize market performance.

By automating decisions about vehicle deployments, rebalancing, and dynamic pricing, using Zoba's recommendations increases revenue by 20-50%.


Market managers hit utilization targets and free up time to focus on higher-leverage tasks like managing teams and forming lasting relationships with city officials.

Central operations can be confident that each market will produce as much revenue as possible.

Executives see forecastable revenue, higher contribution margins, and a business that can grow sustainably regardless of how many cities are launched. 

Zoba's Move product creates daily task lists for teams. The tasks are allocated across operations vehicles and routed in an efficient, easy-to-follow sequence, which saves hours of coordinating tasks across service zones. Operations teams increase the number of tasks they complete each hour, decrease vehicle miles traveled, and lower costs across the board.

Simply tell Zoba how many vans you have and what you need to do, then let your operations team work through the tasks assigned to each van. The result is less stress, more tasks completed, and less waste. 


When the team is in the field, Zoba intelligently combines tasks like battery swaps and rebalancing into the same vehicle visit. Our unified task lists can cut the cost of a marginal rebalance 30% or more.

Get the most revenue possible, on every vehicle, every day

Automate decisions to get more done with less

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