Vehicle Type Agnostic.

We work with every vehicle type and shared mobility business model.

Zoba works intimately with internal data science and operations teams at the world's leading mobility companies, including those of multiple automotive OEMs. We care deeply about client confidentiality and, as such, do not disclose our customer list publicly at this time.


Bike and scooter companies use Zoba to understand demand and rebalance fleets, putting their vehicles where riders want them before their competitors can.



Car sharing services use Zoba to optimize zones, choose stations, and intelligently price their services to increase their efficiency and improve the bottom line.

Car Sharing


Autonomous vehicle companies use Zoba to intelligently stage unoccupied vehicles to be most proximal to impending demand, improving time to pick up. 


See for yourself.

We provide a demand estimate and optimization for any market, free of charge.